Residential Home

This offers holistic care – education, physical care and medical attention to the children whose mothers are sold to prostitution; it houses girls and boys. (At present two residential homes to cater to girls and boys respectively.)

Education Program1

Education Program

This program caters to the educational needs of both boys and girls residing in the red light area along with the mothers. This program provides tuitions in the evening.
Evening Timings: 3 PM – 7PM

Vocational Training

Vocational Training

This program is developed to teach the community to be self-reliant and faithful
citizens. At present young girls and women are taught stitching, embroidery and necklace making. At present, there are 12 teenagers and 4 sex workers getting training through this program.

Day Care

This program offers holistic care – education, physical care and medical attention to the children who are not cared for in the Red Light Area – Ganga Jamuna, at Nagpur.
Outside of our daily care, the mothers are forced to induce drugs to their infants in order to entertain costumers. Their age group ranges from 6 months to 6 years. Day Care Timings 9 AM – 6 PM.

Literacy Class

This program is for the Children who are not attending school and the Sex Workers living in the Red Light Area at Nagpur. We are teaching them how to read and write. We then lead them into the vocational training and simultaneously taking care of their health. We recently started this program and have a favourable response.

The Community Action Team

The team visits the brothels (Door-to-Door), provides medical care and counsels women. If they need medical care, they are transported to hospitals for a check-up, hospitalization, HIV testing, and counseling. The team also identifies girls and ladies in need of rescue; gradually the team sensibly rescues and restores these girls.
Additionally, the team identifies the children who are not going to school and are in need of rehabilitation and motivate the women to send their children to attend the educational program.

Care and Support

The Care and Support program provides for the sexually exploited, HIV infected
women and children with medical care and supports through counseling, food, and shelter for the needy ones. We are also an authorized DOT center.